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Be far from error of 6 kinds of filling water to make you moister

2016-12-17 16:45:57

Cold winter, is the skin the most important maintain what is measure? Be filling water of course! But a lot of beautiful eyebrow drink full water to give the skin, taking filling water spray everyday, often gush, this also is incorrect actually!

It is good to want to fill to the skin water, scarcely can step these errors:

Filling water error one, oily skin does not need filling water

Do not feel oily to the skin does not need filling water, compared with drying skin, oily skin needs filling water more. Usually, secrete when oily skin serious when also showed in-house skin already very lack water lack water, once be short of water criterion skin to be able to keep secreting grease achieve the goal that locks up water,the reason depends on in-house skin, seeing oily skin need filling water more.

Filling water error 2: Filling water and protect wet undertake at the same time

A lot of people can defend filling water wet regard as those who protect skin is same a thing, but both is actually,differ somewhat. Filling water is the moisture that complement skins place of corneous layer cell needs, improve skin cell thereby achieve the goal with moist skin to come circularly. And protect wet it is to avoid moisture prediction of a person’s luck in a given year merely, cannot from go up at all the problem that solves skin to lack water.

Filling water error 3: Protect wet sparge to use too much

Enter winter, skin is met constantly dry, a lot of MM also nurturance the habit that carries a bottle of conservative sparge, skin worked to take spray one gush. But protect wet sparge can the moisture that provisionality complement skins place is short of, if use excessive, not only the effect of short of filling water, can let skin lack water instead.

Filling water error 4: Just need filling water in the evening only

Habit of a lot of MM is done for skin in the late evening do not say the job, but actually best filling water time is in early morning. The reason depends on arriving at 12 o’clock in the evening before dawn during 2 o’clock, it is the skin when metabolism is the most exuberant, but the optimal opportunity that is not filling water. Because the person is during Morpheus, normally the skin can evaporate to make an appointment with 200 milliliter moisture, the skin when getting up in the morning is in physiology to be short of the condition of water, doing filling water to work right now is best, cutaneous draws strength also is best.

Filling water error 5: Drink water to be able to give skin filling water more

Partial female thinks skin lacks water is the body lacks water, want to drink water to be divided with respect to can compensatory water more only. But body filling water is not equal to skin filling water, drink water to cannot solve a problem directly more. The expert reminds, in drinking what the water that go down has infinitesimal only to be able to complement skin. Have the water share that direct complement skins cellular place needs only, ability solves skin lack water issue truly.

Filling water error 6: Every day apply face film can fill water

Every day the filling water with apply simple composition keeps wet noodle film, not be not OK, just the effect does not think so magically like you effect, because that just raised the water embellish of skin to spend temporarily, true depth improves what the hero with dry skin uses after likelihood or you to protect wet elite and late frost. Besides, if the nutrient class status in face film is too high, everyday apply can stimulate facial ministry skin instead, cause skin nutrition superfluous.

So, proposal everybody a week of apply 1 ~ 2 nutrition keep wet noodle film can, apply is a kind of waste too much.