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The edible of common vegetable is no-no, collect at once!

2018-01-15 16:34:47

Winter eats vegetable more, conduce to body complement vitamin, but do you know the edible of a few common vegetable is no-no? What vegetable cannot take together? When cannot eat? Follow together small make up will look!

Common and vegetable edible is no-no

1, tomato: Eat before avoid eat

Tomato eats to make easily before eat heighten of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, edible person the unwell symptom such as meeting generation heartburn, bellyacke. And tomato has after eat, because hydrochloric acid in gastric juice has mixed with food, the acidity inside the stomach can be reduced, can avoid to appear these symptoms.

2, carrot: Avoid and wine are fed together

American food expert discovers, if will contain the carrot juice of rich carotene and alcohol,absorb body together inside, toxin can produce in liver, cause liver disease.

3, Xianggu mushroom: Avoid is excessive immerse

Xianggu mushroom contains a lot ofergot steriod alcohol, change of the meeting after this kind of material is accepting sunshine illuminate is vitamin D. If use water,immerse or excessive clean, wait for nutrient composition with respect to alcohol of steriod of meeting loss ergot.

4, bean sprouts: Must fry ripe

Bean sprouts is qualitative tender delicious, nutrition is rich, but when eating, must fry ripe. Otherwise, because the harmful material such as trypsin depressor is contained in bean sprouts, edible hind may cause the undesirable reaction such as disgusting, vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness.

Bamboo shoot of Xianggu mushroom stew

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