Reasonable and drinkable milk makes nutrition double _ cate the world

Reasonable and drinkable milk makes nutrition double

2017-01-14 17:09:13

Milk by the world accepted for ” adjacent and perfect food ” . Milk nutrition is rich, all sorts of nurture that contain place of activity of human body life to need not only are qualitative, and still have easy digest the character that absorb and does not depend on appetite to stimulate enteron to secrete digestive juice directly, contain the amino acid with indispensible human body, contain rich lysine especially, it is corn alimental cordial of natural each other.

Reasonable and scientific drinkable milk not only the effect that can have health care, still can prevent a variety of diseases effectively

The method of scientific and drinkable milk is: For many times, a few, use slow; Candy, fruit juice, chocolate is not added in milk, wait for those who affect milk to digest the substance that assimilate with preventing to form calcium of gel, oxalic acid. Children grows growth is rapidder, because the nurture of this need is qualitative more also. A variety of nutrition material are contained in milk, everyday 400 milliliter milk, cent second drinkable, not only nutrition of can effective balanced children, still can prevent rachitic, increase bone density. Carbohydrase of endosperm of old people body is lacked in, and the active of lacteal carbohydrase is lower also, general everyday 250 milliliter left and right sides, can prevent calcic prediction of a person’s luck in a given year effectively, prevent osteoporosis, particularly right the large good part such as the hypertension of old people.

The advantage that drinks milk is much, butMany people drink milk to also need to notice

There is the case such as abdominal distension, indigestion or diarrhoea after many people drink milk, this is more outstanding breast carbohydrase and be caused by of lactose energy shortage. Additional, drinkable milk still can cause excess hemal disease, its reason is a kind of protein that the name is casein is contained in milk, it can make the member that has a harm to blood-vessel, this kind of element can damage hemal stretch organization, make thereby fat kind especially cholesterol precipitates extremely easily to go up in hemal wall. Next, xian Niu is suckled cannot direct and drinkable, because contain a variety of bacterias among them. Yoghurt undertakes Jiawenke kills among them beneficial bacterium, so ought to direct and drinkable.