The world of cate of _ of 6 kinds of food of mosquito is enrolled after check eats

6 kinds of food of mosquito are enrolled after check eats

2014-08-25 14:52:56

Original title: Drink milk to enrol 6 kinds of enrols mosquito easily food after mosquito check eats

Guide language: Common saying says ” after autumn mosquito is like a tiger suddenly ” , after the Beginning of Autumn, the mosquito beside is much also rise. Multinomial research discovers, outside waiting for an element to be able to affect you to whether enrol mosquito except blood type, temperature, clad color, after certain food eats mosquito of easy also action. The United States ” daily and prandial net ” newest carry civil, print goes out ” 6 kinds of enrols mosquito easily food after eating ” .

1. The drink of the spirituosity such as beer. The abdomen below bock lets you possibly become the target of mosquito. Although ” mosquito loves to bite the person that drink ” specific mechanism still is clear about not completely, but a kind of theory thinks, this likelihood and chroma of drunken blood alcohol increase the temperature rise that reach put oneself in another’s position tall about.

2. The banana food that contains a lot ofpotassium. Nature of human body skin secretes lactic acid, and lactic acid attracts mosquito easily. Eat the rich Potassium food such as banana, potato, currant to be able to increase cutaneous lactic acid to secrete an amount, enrol mosquito more easily thereby. But this kind of food is wholesome, not ” give up eating for fear of choking-refrain from doing sth necessary for fear of a slight risk ” , the attention after eating prevents midge can.

3. Saline taste food. Potato piece, the tall natrium food of the souse such as the saline taste food such as ham and pickles eats much, also can increase lactic acid to secrete an amount, more action mosquito.

4. Sweetmeats. No matter be cake or ice-cream, this kind of sweetmeats contains saccharin aroma, after eating attract a mosquito easily.

5. The high cholesterol food such as red meat. Excessive absorbs carnivorous (especially red meat) bring about cholesterol easily to lift, and the crowd of cholesterol level on the high side enrols mosquito more easily also. Better means of settlement is, eat fruit vegetables more, eat lean lean appropriately.

6. Milk products. The milk products such as cheese, yoghurt, milk eats much, can bring about the body to produce many lactic acid, attract mosquito thereby. ▲

(Xu Cheng)