The autumn gives your platoon poison the world of cate of _ of vegetables of 4 big fruit

The autumn gives your platoon poison vegetables of 4 big fruit

2016-10-09 17:57:39

Dry autumn eats what fruit vegetables to conduce to a poison more. For this, the vegetables of the fruit that discharge poison that introduction of expert of our specially invite suits autumnal edible 4 kinds.

Pomegranate juice fights oxidation

Israel institute confirms, everyday drinkable juice of 100 milliliter pomegranate, successive and drinkable two weeks, but combustion process slow down 40% , can reduce deposit already oxidation cholesterol. Although stop drinkable, this kind of peculiar effect will still last a month. Pomegranate juice still compares E of red wine, tomato juice, vitamin one kind to wait more effective fight oxidation fruit juice, it is one of important matter that remove cardiovascular toxin. The much more phenolic content of pomegranate juice is gotten higher than green tea much, be fight consenescence and cancer of prevention and cure ” superstar ” .


Delicacy extracts pomegranate juice