Dietary misfit searchs to tumor come _ cate the world

Dietary misfit searchs to tumor come

2016-10-09 09:29:56

The dainty cate of full desk always can cause the appetite with boundless people, but if do not know scientific collocation, often can bring very great harm to the body, have even ” cause cancer ” risk. Having a few kinds of cases is common mine field, avoid as far as possible without fail.

Carp and pickles:

Rich protein is contained in the carp, nitrite is contained in pickles, both is burned together boil, action of meeting generation chemical combination creates carcinogenic substance — , inferior saltpetre amine, easy cause enteron tumor.

Ham and souse taste with lactic acid beverage:

Nitric acid salt is contained in be being tasted as a result of ham and souse, fall in the action of lactobacillus but reductive into nitrite, in saliva catalysis of root of sulfur cyanic acid falls, generation carcinogenic substance, the likelihood causes the peptic canceration such as gastric bowel, liver. Accordingly, eat the food around that contains nitric acid salt 1 hour beverage of unfavorable drink lactic acid.

Turnip and fruit:

In recent years the scientist discovers, after the mustard family such as people edible turnip is vegetable, the material that fights thyroid gland via metabolizing to be able to produce a kind very quickly — , sulfur cyanic acid. Right now, if absorb the fruit that contains many plant pigment to wait like apple, pear, kind of yellow ketone material in the fruit be decomposed by the bacterium in alvine path, change into hydroxide benzoic acid to wait, can enhance the action of sulfur cyanic acid, thereby revulsive or the happening that brings about thyroid tumors. Accordingly, interval answers 4 hours to eat a fruit again after edible the mustard family is vegetable.