The autumn takes the world of cate of good _ of pig hoof and yam body more

It is good that the autumn has pig hoof and yam body more

2016-10-10 13:47:19

Autumn wind comes, in the damp in taking away air, while Qing Dynasty of mind of sense letting a person enrages bright, also the skin medium ” damp ” took away together. The eye looks at the skin to lose burnish, hair a little sere also, change in time besides need moister maintain outside tasting, also did not forget to adjust cookbook.

The total principle that autumn food recuperates, namely ” dry person of embellish ” . Say according to place of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine ” Qiu Dong raises shade ” , answer right now much edible the food of moisten the respiratory tract of a few method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood. Collagen albumen is the main raw material that skin cell grows, it not only can moist skin, still can increase function of water of cutaneous lay aside, safeguard cutaneous wet, make the skin becomes plump and be full of burnish, so right now OK and proper much edible the food with fast content of protein of a few collagen.

Having a fish more is the method with compensatory collagen best albumen, additional, skin of wing of tendons of beef of hoof of pigskin, pig, ox, chicken, chicken, cartilage also contain a lot ofcollagen albumen.

Reasonable and compensatory vitamin kind food also is protective cutaneous an important facet. Vitamin A can safeguard cutaneous withy with burnish, vitamin C can help the absorption of collagen albumen, right now can much edible a few carrot, wax gourd, lotus root, tomato, yam, tremella, sesame seed, walnut, honey, and the food; of the method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood preventing dry such as legume and bean products is fungus, kelp, laver again also can feed; water fruit to be able to eat more more appropriately, wait like pear, persimmon, orange, banana, grape, grapefruit, hawkthorn, apple, pomegranate.

Reasonable and compensatory moisture content is very serious also. If water is lacked inside body, albumen also does not send again much collagen to go up use. Want to assure to drink 2 premium at least everyday, take the kind of small slow pharynx, so that be absorbed better,use.