The autumn raises taste to take the world of cate of fresh and vegetable _ more

The autumn raises taste to eat fresh vegetable more

2016-10-10 16:55:18

The autumnal equinox in 24 solar term, the expert points out, the autumnal equinox is ” half and half of yin and yang ” solar term, after this shade grows in relief pass the time in a leisurely way. People should avoid this time cold the cool taste that enrage an injury, eat some of fresh vegetable more (vegetable food) , the food such as Bai Luobo, sugar cane, loquat.

University of medicine of Beijing traditional Chinese medical science is accessary Oriental hospital inferior Peng Yuqing of healthy division director points out, the weather of the Beijing after the autumnal equinox is colder and colder, and rainwater decreases, shade gas rises gradually. It is easy to will see a person from the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine by ” cool dry ” (lukewarm dry of autumn dry cent and cool dry) invade, occurrence health (healthy food) problem.

Because of the health care of preserve one’s health after this the autumnal equinox (health food) should prevent above all ” cool dry ” , and phase out autumn aspic, prevent cold the cool body that enrage an injury, occurrence bazoo dry, pharynx doing, pharynx urticant, skin the problem such as diarrhoea of disease of dry, respiratory tract, autumn.

This season mights as well the food that eats some of moisten the respiratory tract more. Before mixing paragraph time prevents ” lukewarm dry ” what food differs is, had better have acerbity sweetmeat thing more now, be like a grape (grape food) , the fruit with the taste sweet acid such as yangtao, grapefruit (fruit food) , or will flavor with vinegar, pleasant is acerbity in order to raise shade. But unfavorable eat sweet the sweetmeat of be bored with, can eat some of pleasant embellish food, wait like fresh vegetable, fresh lily, Bai Luobo, loquat, tremella, sugar cane, black agaric, OK moisten the respiratory tract.

Aspic of skin of tendons of beef of hoof of the turnip of soup of bamboo shoot old duck, beef that stew, phoenix claw, pig, ox, pork also is the food with this superior season. But unfavorable eat acrimony and hot and dry food, wait like ginger, raw onion, peppery, chili, meat of hotpot of unfavorable also edible, dog, venison.

The expert still points out, should not be everyday after the autumnal equinox eat too much fruit. Because cold cool atmosphere is full-bodied with each passing day after the autumnal equinox, if itself taste is bad, often the crowd of diarrhoea, draft fruit became much be caused easily or aggravating disease. Accordingly fruit of this time drinking wants abstinent, the person with bad taste can boil pear or water chest nut eat.
In addition, this season drinks water and chrysanthemum tea, mint tea to wait more even, perhaps wait for bubble water to drink with medlar, the seed of boat-fruited sterculia, the root of straight ladybell, the tuber of dwarf lilyturf.