Suffer from excessive internal heat how to fall dietotherapy of the fastest reduce internal heat helps fire you fall the world of cate of internal heat _

Suffer from excessive internal heat how to fall dietotherapy of the fastest reduce internal heat helps fire you fall internal heat

2016-09-22 13:16:58

Autumn again and again suffer from excessive internal heat, what to eat to fall is fire the fastest? Everybody can be recuperated through dietotherapy, keep clear of quickly to disease food ability the internal heat inside body. In look below, cure is raised action, teach you to cope with human body 4 kinds of fire!

Real anger: Drink cool tea

To having fact fire symptom, appear for instance thirsty, halitosis, constipation, eye draw well of gall of red, gum, hot-tempered, love, fall fire mights as well drink bit of cool tea, for instance honeysuckle + water of mother chrysanthemum bubble is drunk, the schoolgirl adds two medlar again. The essence of cool tea is medical tea, and property of a medicine slants cool.

Empty fire: Drink duck flesh congee

The practice of duck flesh congee

The person of occurrence empty fire, appear for instance ulcer of long blain, sore throat, oral cavity, insomnia, much dream. This kind of person drinks cool tea party cool on add cool, bring about the body more empty. So the person of empty fire how Where is dietotherapy? Very simple, drink duck congee! Duck flesh congee is medical book of our country ancient time ” ancon is mothball urgent square ” a medium Gu Fang, duck flesh can fill shade beneficial blood, clear empty is hot.

Lose one’s appetite: Disappear of ginger of dried tangerine or orange peel eats drink

In addition, what does sense of a lot of people eat lose one’s appetite, wang Cheng of secretary-general of committee of major of rehabilitation of preserve one’s health of society of Nanjing natural medical service gives birth to vice director doctor to point out, this is food not the disaster that the section causes, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is called ” dyspepsia caused by excessive eating or improper diet ” .

Place of dried tangerine or orange peel contains naphtha to have gentle stimulative effect to gastric bowel path, can promote the exudation of digestive juice, eliminate gas is accumulated inside bowel, and ginger can be appetizing drive is cold, to a lot of do not think of food to still feel abdomen is cold compare cool patient beneficial. The part is contained in brown sugar vitaminic with electrolyte composition, between adjustable organization discretion of certain material pH indicator, the water fluid that balances cellular core condition metabolizes, remove cellular metabolization product.