Jian of Grain Full solar term the world of cate of _ of cookbook of 5 preserve one’s health

Jian of Grain Full solar term cookbook of 5 preserve one’s health

2012-05-03 16:23:11

Grain Full solar term recommends recipe of 5 preserve one’s health

Guide language: After Grain Full passes, rainwater rises more, weather is fuggy and damp, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine says for ” Shi Xie ” . Accordingly, grain Full preserve one’s health notices be good at lienal change wet give priority to. A few cookbook that suit this solar term introduce for you below.

Jian of Grain Full solar term cookbook of 5 preserve one's health

White crucian carp rolls poached eggs:

Burden: Fish of white crucian carp 500 grams, egg 3, ginger 3, pepper is right amount.

Practice: Fish of white crucian carp is slaughtered abluent, slow fire simmer in water comes small yellow, splash a few clear water, scoop; Egg decoct is poached eggs shape, scoop; Huo having oil explodes sweet Jiang Pian, add clear water 1250 milliliter (5 bowls of quantities) , high heat rolls boil, fish of next white crucian carp roll moment, issue poached eggs, right amount salt, pepper is scattered after rolling boil but.

Effect: Dispel is wet appetizing

Jian of Grain Full solar term cookbook of 5 preserve one's health

Celery mixes bean curd:

Burden: Celery 150 grams, bean curd 1, salt, gourmet powder, balm a few.

Practice: Celery cuts paragraphs small, bean curd cuts small Fang Ding, all use boiled water scald, fish out hind uses cool boiled water to cool, accuse clean water stand-by.

celery and bean curd agitate, join salt, gourmet powder, balm to mix agitate divide evenly is become namely.

Effect: Wet detoxify of heat of smooth liver Qing Dynasty, benefit.

Characteristic: Cool and refreshing and dainty, summer beautiful dish.

Jian of Grain Full solar term cookbook of 5 preserve one's health

Bao of wax gourd grass carp:

Burden: Wax gourd 500 grams, grass carp 250 grams, oil of salt, gourmet powder, vegetable is right amount.

Practice: Wax gourd flay, abluent cut trigonometry piece, grass carp analyse is clean, take remaining part abluent and stand-by. Use oil general grass carp first (take remaining part) decoct comes golden color, take earthenware pot, clear water is put inside its right amount, put fish, wax gourd into earthenware pot together inside, first after fierce baked wheaten cake leaves, convert slow fire is stewed control to 2 hours, soup sees white, join salt, gourmet powder to flavor can edible.

Effect: Smooth liver, dispel the wind, benefit is wet, divide heat.

Jian of Grain Full solar term cookbook of 5 preserve one's health

Green pepper fries duck piece:

Burden: Green pepper 150 grams, duck chest flesh 200 grams, egg 1, starch of yellow rice or millet wine, salt, dry starch, Xian Shang, gourmet powder, water, plant is oily each are right amount.

Practice: Duck chest flesh breaks off 6 minutes of 2 inches long, wide chip, drench after the bath that use Qing Dynasty is clean dry; Take the egg divide evenly of agitate of Qing Dynasty and dry starch, salt and duck piece mix together divide evenly size; Green pepper goes seed, go after the base of a fruit is abluent section.

After boiler burns heat, cheer burn to 4 into heat, duck piece next boiler, delimit with spoon medicinal powder, fry to eight maturity when, put green pepper, wait for duck piece fry ripe drench into strainer oily.

A few oil takes inside boiler, join salt, wine, Xian Shang, burn to scram hind, again duck piece, green pepper falls, the starch that use water ticks off Gorgon euryale, break up fry a few remove theatrical makeup and costume dish become namely.

Effect: Wen Zhongjian is lienal, benefit water detumescence.

Jian of Grain Full solar term cookbook of 5 preserve one's health

A thick soup of lotus root of rock candy of water chest nut:

Burden: Water chest nut 250 grams, lotus root 150 grams, rock candy is right amount.

Practice: Water chest nut is abluent flay, lotus root is abluent cut small. Earthenware pot adds water right amount, boil water chest nut, lotus root into the slow fire inside boiler together when stewing 20 minutes, if rock candy stews 10 minutes again,join, have pot can edible.

Effect: Clear hot advantage is wet, be good at lienal appetizing, stop essence of have diarrhoea solid.