The world of cate of dietotherapy value _ with columbine breast

The dietotherapy value with columbine breast

2012-02-07 14:22:49

Breast is columbine the basically is used at edible dove that is less than of a month. Dove, renown Bai Feng, also weigh pigeon, pigeon, belong to for the bird, key link of hatch of turtledove columbine division vertebrate. The ancestor of dove is feral Yuan Ge. The nutrient value of dove is extremely high, the delicate cate with rare since, it is advanced and nourishing beautiful is tasted. Columbine flesh is tall egg low adipose food, protein content is 24.47% , surpass the pork such as hare, ox, pig, sheep, chicken, duck, Zuo and dog kind, what contain the indispensible and amino acid that there are a lot of human bodies in protein, and digestive absorptivity is in 95% , the adipose content of dove flesh is only 0.73% , under other flesh kind, it is the food of human ideal. Dove egg is called ” animal ginseng ” contain rich protein. Ancient have ” have ethereal bird rather readily, do not eat pipeful of the carry out on the ground ” . palace adage, have today: “Ginseng of fleshy columbine contest ” ” one columbine get the better of 9 chicken ” ” without columbine do not become a banquet ” say. Columbine flesh not only nutrition is rich, and still have certain sanitarian effect, can prevent and cure a variety of diseases, ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” in account ” columbine a color is numerous, only white is used as medicine ” , from ancient up to now the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to think columbine flesh has filling liver strong gas of kidney, beneficial enrichs the blood, clear hot detoxify, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop to wait for effect yearningly. Modern medicine thinks: Columbine flesh is strong filling god of vigor of body filling kidney, opportunity of survival, be good at head, increase memory, reduce blood pressure, adjust human body blood sugar, raise Yan Meirong, skin whiteness is delicate, prolong life.

First-rate bravery element is contained in columbine liver, can help human body use cholesterol well, arteriosclerosis of prevention and cure. Folk call dove ” sweet hematic animal ” , conduce to after anaemic person edible restore health. Breast contains rich cartilage element inside columbine bone, but with pilose antler daughter-in-law of medium cartilage element photograph is beautiful, often edible, have improvement skin cell vigor, enhance skin flexibility, improve haemal circulation, complexion is ruddy wait for effect.

Rich pantothenic acid still is contained in columbine flesh, mix to trichomadesis, white hair not Mao Xiancui have very good curative effect. Breast is columbine contain a more catenary the synthesis that amino acid and acid of ammonia of essence of life can promote the protein inside body, accelerate traumatic heal. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, columbine flesh is digested easily, have the function of detoxify of nourishing beneficial gas, dispel the wind, amenorrhoea of weak to ill rear body, deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, giddy look is weary, write down 100 million decline to have very good benefiting therapy effect the dish with columbine flesh rare since, it is advanced tonic. As a result of filling effect of the dietotherapy with columbine flesh and drug more and more protruding shows, cause the height of medical academia, nutrition academia and poultry industry to take seriously more. The dietotherapy action with columbine flesh of better to help people understanding.

Common dietotherapy filling method:

One, nutrition is nourishing, strong muscle be good at bone, promotional human performance. Breed columbine protein content is abounded, amino acerbity composition is reasonable, easily human body is digested absorb. Eat milk more columbine can make the cell gets enough nutrition, make systemic organ vigor abundant, metabolic unobstructed. Have boiling water of the dove that stew, can embellish lung bright witness, filling empty fatigue, strong bones and muscles, make physical strength, eyesight, mental restore. It is refection of second reading staff member reachs those who enhance a constitution to enter Bu Jia meat and fish dishes. Take yam a surname child soup of Yi benevolence dove, can stop to itch and treat the skin to do coarse, maintain the skin smooth. Be very popular the eat breast that stew is columbine, can advance haemal ring, prevent consenescence, lengthen youth.

2, hairdressing is beautiful colour, improve the health, vigor of constant nurture youth. Columbine flesh contains a lot ofall sorts of nutriment, content of its cartilage element can be rivalled with pilose antler. It is OK to often eat dove manage takes a person to increase nutrition, improve human performance, make the person is full of life, the skin is bright beautiful, have the effect of permanent nurture youth, return skillful craftsman to promote sexual function. Eat medlar to stew breast columbine, not only delicate and goluptious, and have nourishing the medical effect of powerful body, achieve the goal of the prolong life.

3, accelerate heal of body rehabilitation, stimulative cut. Ormosia dove soup is the cordial of known to all, this soup contains a lot ofcolumbine collagen albumen, have the effect of heal scar, together with ormosia has enrich the blood, the action of element of antifebrile, disappear, can promote body rehabilitation and cut heal, repair scar. Agree with rehabilitation of the patient after of all kinds operation is entered fill, the old person often is fed but the occurrence of slow down senile plaque, maintain skin smooth.

4, add wisdom filling head, prolong life. Cerebral phosphatide is contained a lot ofin columbine head, can promote the metabolization inside constituent cell to update, what can defer cerebral tissue and nerve cell is anile. Force of edible rear body adds, clarity of train of thought, memory soars. Having main effect to the intellectual growth of mental worker and student and children.

5, improve hair to fall off, painful, rheumatism mixes precautionary waist leg neuropathic. Rich B is contained in columbine flesh a group of things with common features vitamin and pantothenic acid are painful to lumbar leg wait for a symptom to have remedial effect, the person that the person that need to often stand reachs a few physical labor often sends lumbar leg painful disease, it is OK to often eat dove slow down symptom. Pantothenic acid returns scrotal to the male eczema to have curative effect. Have asparagus dove boiling water, the make water in OK and deliquescent muscle is acerbity, quicken the uric acerbity eduction inside human body, lest put,stay inside body to bring about rheumatism, nerve to ache wait for a disease. Often have asparagus milk columbine boiling water, can eliminate exhaustion, regain energy. Remarkable to athlete and outdoors worker action. Have boiling water of Yi benevolence dove, OK and life-giving, stimulative muscle activity is agile, make haemal circulation good, diminish inflammation is demulcent, medicable strut. Still can eliminate calculous illness, especially right gall-stone is effective.

6, prevent arteriosclerosis, treat giddy, hypertension and senile asthma. Dove liver is put have first-rate bravery element, can assist human body to use cholesterol, and content of its itself cholesterol is very low, the bacterium of go to the bad that can reduce an atherosclerosis to wait is led. Medical cure square: Dove and buckwheat or buckwheat flower boil soup or braise in soy sauce, can treat giddy, hypertension. Because of awn is being contained in buckwheat man is mixed 2 amino acid, have small leak effect, can prevent cerebral haemorrhage to hypertensive patient apoplectic. Treat senile asthma square: Hold close columbine bazoo with the hand, depilate after will columbine stifle, its fine fur is burned with paper go listen with respectful attention is clean, had scooped up with brine again, put made of baked clay Bao and rice of the bare that make an amount, boil congee to take feed. Insist to take, can be cured or slow down symptom.

7, the remedial woman dysmenorrhoea, infecund disease, disease such as amenorrhoea, prevent pregnant abortion. Medical cure square: Lettuce milk columbine boiling water, contain E of a large number of small crude element to wait, have the effect of clear blood synergism, can treat woman dysmenorrhoea and infecund disease, hold a clear eye concurrently, remedial insomnia and pharynx and larynx are swollen ache etc. Medical cure square: Pigeon 1, taro matching demon (fry anxious) , night bright a few such as arenaceous, turtle shell, tortoise plastron, stew in all columbine take. Medical cure square: Boreal Qi a surname child stew columbine, uterus of satisfying cure woman or bladder tilt, prevent pregnant woman abortion.

8, remedial insomnia and neurasthenic. Medical cure square: Dove fries onion, have sleep peacefully, demulcent fine effect, increase digest, cure is neurasthenic wait for effect with insomnious disease.