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Apply of smoked plum vinegar can be treated sufficient with painful

2012-02-07 14:04:04

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InIn the life, complain via often can hearing a few people, walk time is a bit a bit longer, calcaneal acerbity painful, this kind of circumstance is in in on old people and postpartum woman body more common. Sufficient with painful make a person very afflictive, but often tweak of it doesn’t matter. Actually, make do sufficient with painful, a few simple and easy methods in using daily life are very effective.

Smoked plum not only to be taken orally is beneficial to human body, external use of vinegar of make it smoked plum the result is right also. Smoked plum and vinegar belong to acidity, because vinegar of this smoked plum has acerbity collect effect, to sufficient those who follow to be caused with inflammation of sex of asepsis of bone slippery bursa is sufficient with painful, can have the effect that absorbs to very good stimulative inflammation. Of smoked plum vinegar make a way very simple also. Take Wu Mei right amount go the nucleus joins pound of acetic a few, salt of rejoin a few, agitate divide evenly, coating is in affected part, good with gauze lid, adhesive plaster is fixed. Everyday apply 1, use consecutively half month, can alleviate effectively sufficient with painful symptom.

Besides add vinegar, smoked plum and Qi Ai (inn can buy Chinese traditional medicine) tie-in suffocating also can be treated sufficient with painful. Take Qi Ai 60 grams, Wu Mei 10 grams, the decoct in putting water gives medical juice, fall into the basin, burn the brick again red put be used as medicine inside fluid basin, suffer from sufficient put at be being fumed on steam to wash, use clothings cover, air of the juice that treat drug comes after temperature is proper, will suffer from sufficient next pressing is put on brick to take the advantage of heat several minutes with bottom (medical fluid can use) repeatedly, everyday L ~ 2, use 7 ~ 10 days to be a period of treatment continuously.

Additional, because Chinese prickly ash has the effect that Xin Wenfa comes loose, so the water of Chinese prickly ash that boil also is commonly used cure sufficient with painful method. The Chinese prickly ash that needs to be overcome with 15~20 only is boiled in all with 2 premium, use the base of bleb of Chinese prickly ash that has boiled next can.

Sufficient with painful a few habits in still following the life actually are concerned, for example sufficient because,the asepsis sex inflammation that follows to be in with bone slippery bursa is some females to love the United States, whole summer is wearing the cool loafer of fashionable design, sufficient expose for a long time with the ministry, did not get protective, get the descent of cold evil, bring about winter sufficient with painful. Accordingly, sufferred from sufficient with painful, must notice the heat preservation of sufficient ministry, can be in sufficient protect with large soft cushion with the ministry, OK also applying follow painful mat hollowly to come place of empty buy spur, in order to reduce local friction, loss. Return foot of bubble of usable hot water, next daub oil of a few massage breast, medicine alleviate aching.

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