Mango nucleus can govern the world of cate of crural chap _

Mango nucleus can treat crural chap

2012-02-07 14:02:00

TakeA certain number of mango nucleus, abluent, the clamp after air is broken, put into the basin to develop base of hot water bubble. Immerse every night 15 ~ are controlled 20 minutes (water became cool but rejoin a few hot water) , cooperate crural ministry to massage, 3 ~ get effective 7 days.

University of medicine of Shanghai traditional Chinese medical science is accessary Yue Yang combines traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital dermatological department teachs Li Bin / Master Wang Juan comments on:

Crural chap is the corneous layer water content that causes by a variety of reasons drops, the skin is dry be caused by, easy when on the low side of autumn winter air temperature happening. Pleasant of mango nucleus flavour, acerbity, sexual be bored with, lukewarm, OK and moist skin. Accordingly, foot of mango nucleus bubble treats chap to have certain effect. But, crural chap also can be the expression of other disease, for instance horn of Zhi of disease of eczema of sufficient tinea, sufficient ministry, scale, palm changes disease to wait to be able to have chap phenomenon. Suggest to be checked to the hospital, after causing chap cause clearly, try a few proved recipe again. If crural chap is a kind of expression of afore-mentioned diseases only, need treats the primary affection actively, ability obtains good curative effect.