The baby of 20% is short of iron 8 kinds of food contain the world of cate of iron tall _

The baby of 20% is short of iron 8 kinds of food contain iron tall

2016-12-20 10:53:40

Can darling also be short of iron? Show according to investigation, the age was short of iron to achieve to the baby between 12 months in 7 months 20% . In darling after 6 months, should undertake filling iron to darling appropriately, the proposal eats more some contain the food with fast iron.

What food contains iron taller? 8 kinds of food contain iron under tall

1, pork liver

Pork liver contains iron in pork liver of every 100 grams 31.1 milligram, protein 20.8 milligram. Rich vitamin A and folic acid still are contained in pork liver, nutrition is more comprehensive. But more cholesterol is contained in pork liver, should not be eat too much.


Pork liver congee

2, beef

Beef contains iron in beef of every 100 grams 3.2 milligram, protein 20.1 milligram. Beef nutrition value is high, have the effect of be good at taste, but beef fiber is thicker, should boil when giving darling edible fully, boil sodden.


Beef spinach congee