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Lose one’s hair of Qiu Dong BB, how should do?

2016-11-14 14:06:03

Enter gradually autumn, the problem of partial child lose one’s hair is more and more serious also. To the trichomadesis problem of darling, father mother also are special concern, via the circumstance of regular meeting occurrence try anything when in a desperate situation. Here is small make up specific tell to everybody, why is darling met trichomadesis? What precautionary measures to have again?

One, why is darling met trichomadesis

1. pillow is bald

Pillow is bald it is infant afterbrain spoon and pillow often chafe cause. Average block is bald do not need treatment, if bald limits enlarges pillow gradually, or had disappeared tardy, so father mother are about to notice.

2. is short of calcium

Because some darling are short of calcium inside body, very can easy occurrence hair is exiguous, drop the hair, symptom that does not have a hair.

3. is short of zinc

The meeting that be short of zinc brings about darling to grow slow, darling body grows slow, hair nature is gotten with respect to chairman slower, return the phenomenon that can appear to send badly.

4. is short of protein

Protein is had prop human body the main function of normal life activity. Accordingly, protein of human body lack can bring about a hair withered and yellow, drop hair wait a symptom a moment.

5. spot is bald

Spot is bald some place that is finger ministry slips again solely again, a hair is done not have. Regular meeting of spot bald classics happens on children body, as a result of,be commonly hidebound, carry feed, partiality for a particular kind of food causes body immunity function to drop, slow down wool bursa of the child grows speed.

6. is affected fungus

If child head is affected fungus, can form tinea so. Tinea can bring about trichomadesis, still can make the skin of the head becomes red or gray.

7. spirit pressure is too great

Child spirit pressure also can cause trichomadesis greatly too.

2, how does darling lose one’s hair do

The child is growing during development, scarcely can let his nurturance carry feed, the bad habit of partiality for a particular kind of food. Want to eat the correct happening such as A of a few calcium, zinc, vitamin to grow good food more at ordinary times, of the animal splanchnic in contain rich iron element, rich protein and calcium are contained in fish, shrimp, egg, grandma.

Whether is child lose one’s hair pathology sex lose one’s hair, if be ill reason,trichomadesis should go to a hospital in time treating, and before cure, should notice not to make the child tricky skin, enjoin the child to often wash his hands even, the attention is wholesome.

To be short of the lose one’s hair of calcium sex, basking also is the admirable method of filling calcium. Bask to want to choose year season as far as possible, because child skin is delicate, what doesn’t the sun of year season have to harm to the child’s skin. If be in the summer, can choose to be in sunset around, perhaps fall in shade of a tree. Winter, had better be bask in the home.