Uncover secret the world of cate of _ of error of 8 great health care

Uncover secret error of 8 great health care

2012-02-07 12:44:05

Uncover secret error of 8 great health care

Introductive: Grow as the age, our healthy begin to sell at a discount greatly, although also can listen to a few proposals sometimes, but the effect is not apparent. Had thought, it is those healthy information that pass to us, be incorrect actually?

Uncover secret error of 8 great health care

Error one: Often enter filling seafood

Be afraid that weight is elevatory, then engorge seafood. Seafood contains a lot ofnutrition, high protein, flavour is delicious, but it is profitless to be fed more. It brings people easily disease of a kind of contemporary riches and honour — gouty, germ depends on a large number of purine are contained in seafood, it is easy inside body save up, bring about gout finally.

The disease of modern has affection to send respect element to cause, work for instance nervous, angst and because disharmonious and human relation is brought be worried, depressed,wait. But most person or as a result of food daily life of unreasonable, life does not have the rule. So, although seafood flavour is beautiful, it is advisable to eat less still.

Uncover secret error of 8 great health care

Error 2: Aloe hairdressing

Modern society pollution is too much, natural food and its hairdressing protect skin to because did not get pollution,be tasted, be opposite so human body health is advantageous. The most typical is Lu Hui, since health food, it is hairdressing beautiful is tasted.

Aloe has many magical and wonderful effect really to human body, but, aloe has 500 many breed, can be used as medicine have ten kinds only, can of edible is can be counted on one’s fingers more.

The expert reminds say, the aloe pieplant element in aloe has ” below discharge aperient ” effect, easy bring about diarrhoea. The Lu Hui of different breed, effect of property of a medicine, drug also has very big difference, the person of different constitution uses Lu Hui to be able to produce different result.

Uncover secret error of 8 great health care

Error 3: The platoon is poisonous

A lot of females hold to ” the hairdressing that wash bowel ” , the purpose is to let did not lodge for the night inside body, not save up toxin. Unaccustomed the method that the person of this kind of method chooses to be on a diet ” the platoon is poisonous ” , do not have a meal one day in a week namely, have fruit or drinkable honey water only, feel so OK to rise to exclude the effect of body toxin.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine also tells a poison, the defecate with basically pass human body normal, pee and perspire 3 kinds of access that discharge poison. Wash bowel to let alvine canal easily coarsen, stimulate for long repeatedly still can make function paralytic, cause the disease that a few factitious elements cause finally.

Be on a diet the law that discharge poison also wants because of the person different. Some person taste empty are cold, gas can bilge in the thing stomach of the cool sex such as draft fruit. If be excess load worker, but when often arriving however not repast, the body can appear symptom of lack of power, swimmy, hypoglycemia, adverse to health.