Restaurant repast takes the world of cate of 3 Lenten _ less

Restaurant repast eats less 3 Lenten

2012-02-07 12:38:45

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Restaurant repast eats less 3 Lenten

“The flesh is about the same, nod again some Lenten. ” have a meal in cafeteria, is we get the luck to eat sth delicious of give attention to two or morethings and health? “Lenten my important place 3 delicacy ” , “I should do part of beans of stir-fry before stewing ” … what element of such a meat or fish match is delicate, is nutrition reasonable?

Restaurant repast eats less 3 Lenten

“Had bathed ‘ ‘ , again healthy Lenten also become insalubrious. ” nutrient expert expresses, the ground is too horn of beans of 3 delicacy, dry stir-fry before stewing, oily aubergine, although be Lenten, but cross oil, quantity of heat is higher than the flesh.

The ground of 3 delicacy basically feeding capable person is potato, aubergine, green pepper. After passing high temperature deepfry tomato patch, can create the carcinogenic substance such as propylene acyl amine; Aubergine contains a lot ofa vitamin P and restrain horny glucoside, often eat can fall hematic fat, but have exceed strong oil absorption capacity.

The aubergine that scamper crosses, turned each into small oily parcel simply; Green pepper passes oily boiler ” baptism ” , vitamin C also used up almost to use up almost.

And horn of beans of dry stir-fry before stewing, sound it seems that with cross oil to have nothing to do, actually also likely deepfry passes. Horn of too oily beans of dry stir-fry before stewing not only quantity of heat exceeds bid, still put in safe risk. If fabaceous horn is not done thoroughly ripe, bring about bromatoxism possibly. And when deepfry, fabaceous horn the Jiaolisheng outside the likelihood.

Nutrient expert expresses, the dot is Lenten want comply with ” two little two much ” principle. “Put bit of oil less, add bit of salt less. “Two much ” it is, choose more when season food, choose dish of cold and dressed with sause, evaporate to stew dish to wait more. For instance at present, leek, spinach is the season food with first-rate nutrition.

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