Spring food raises liver to be first _ cate the world

Spring food raises liver to be first

2012-02-07 11:59:53

Liver, “Be limb is essential, hide the place of fetch. ” (” element of · of the classics inside Huang Di asks · 6 state of internal organs are talked ” ) it is the body of the biggest gland in human body. Be just as ” chemical plant ” , have juice of metabolization, liver to secrete, the function such as the adjustment of generation of alexipharmic, cruor, immunity, quantity of heat and water and electrolyte. Why to emphasize spring paying attention to raise liver? Press theory of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, liver belongs to the wood of the five elements, chun Muwang, liver advocate thing, it is important to because this spring protects liver blame,be. Look from inside immunology meaning and practice, spring protects liver, also having main effect to the immune ability of other disease to increasing.

Capture opportunity filling liver

Preserve one’s health of our country traditional doctor of traditional Chinese medicine ” the four seasons emphasizes particularly on ” the principle thinks spring is hepatic in season, liver of the beneficial that raise this world is principal, in case hepatic be retarded by silt not free, advocate spring to raise liver to feed to be mixed first with dirty fill dirty method. Combine characteristic of this one preserve one’s health, from the point of the angle of contemporary dietetics, early spring the prandial principle Feburary should be high protein, tall vitamin, enough caloric balanced and prandial. Alleged high protein wants to increase the alimental with tall protein to photograph a person to measure appropriately according to particular case of the individual namely, combinative spring raises liver to feed spring shade of everythings on earth is unripe, be the big inning of the five internal organs of body of take good care of sb. Introduce spring to raise a few kinds of methods of liver now.

With dirty fill dirty chicken is first

Pleasant of gallinaceous liver flavour and lukewarm, enrich the blood raise liver, taste to feed the beautiful of liver of take a tonic to build up health, relatively the action of filling liver of other animal liver is stronger, and but lukewarm stomach. Specific usage is: Take fresh chicken liver 3, rice 100 grams, boil together take for congee feed. Liver blood is not worth the old people in can be being treated, food not beautiful, eye dry or weep. In addition, coma of old people limbs person, liver of usable also chicken 5, the tuber of elevated gastrodia 20 grams, two flavour are taken with evaporate, daily, take half moon, see effect.

With vinegar of first selection of flavour filling liver

Acetic taste is sour and enter liver, have smooth liver to come loose Yu, the action such as alexipharmic curb bacterium. Liver this world slants the hypertensive senile patient of excessive, daily can feed vinegar 40 milliliter, add the drink after Wen Shuichong is weak to take: Also can use egg of the bubble that feed vinegar or acetic bubble soya bean, feed egg or beans, curative effect quite beautiful. Because usually is stivy and liver is painful person, usable feed vinegar 40 milliliter, pink of the root of Chinese thorowax 10 grams take medicine with water, can rapid acetanilide.

With blood filling liver feeds duck blood

Duck courage and uprightness is smooth, nutrition is rich, liver advocate store blood, enriching the blood with blood is the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine’s commonly used treatment method. Blood extraction duck 100 grams, crucian carp fish 100 grams, 100 grams cook rice together congee is taken feed, can raise liver blood, complementary treat anaemia, at the same time this also is one of cate protecting liver of patient of cancer of the liver.

Easy liver raises hematic spinach beautiful

Spinach is in season vegetable of spring, it has moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, easy liver raises the action such as blood,

Spring raises vegetable of liver medicinal food

Theory of the five elements of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, spring belongs to liver, head black liver piece it is blindly spring eats the commonly used medicinal food that fill. Particular way is: Add water general head black boils a more concentrated medicine juice, take 20 milliliter to reserve from which. Go to get rid of of the 250 pork liver that overcome delicacy again after muscle is abluent, cut 2 centimeters 4 centimeters long, wide, 0. 5 centimeters thick piece. After the ginger of each 15 grams, green, garlic is abluent, green cuts silk, garlic is cut piece, jiang Qie becomes grain of rice. pork liver piece add a touch of Wu Zhihe salt, with wet starch of about 10 grams its mix is even. Additional, a black juice, soy each 25 grams, liquor 10 grams, salt 4 grams, vinegar 5 grams, 5 grams and soup add become wet starch grow juice. Get on high heat of the buy that fry pan again burn heat to put oil, burn to 78 into heat, put the liver that has mixed piece fully slippery, go with strainer drop more than oil, oil of the remnant inside boiler makes an appointment with 50 grams, garlic is entered below piece, Jiang Pian issues liver after stir-fry before stewing slightly piece. Will break up into boiler below green vegetables at the same time fry a few times, fry divide evenly into grow juice, drench bright oil a few, issue green silk, boiler is become namely since. This recipe makes a black mediumly enrich the blood black hair, it is ancient time is fought famously often lengthen life medicine.

Pork liver nutrition is rich, with liver filling liver, again infiltration agaric, have blood of essence of filling liver kidney, beneficial, black invents purpose effect. The lightheaded, eyesight that inadequacy of blood of deficient to liver kidney empty, essence brings about drops, beard and hair is early leg of white, waist is fatigued and weak wait for disease to have very good curative effect.

Raise liver to prevent cold 6 methods

Just entered spring when, human body this world enrages litre of hair to make skin Cou manages extend, and early spring warms suddenly cold still, of arise suddenly pour spring chill fast sends skin Cou manage is airtight, the adjustment that leaves to be shut suddenly suddenly the function has not enough time to transform temporarily, liver function is damaged, cause the whole body to enrage blood to move disorder, organ of other internal organs of the body suffers interference and bring about disease to have show effect. Reason early spring is fed fill to be in again beneficial of the give attention to two or morethings that raise liver is lienal with the stomach, wen Buyang is enraged with drive cold health care!

1, water more dry of cold early spring Leng Gan lacks water easily, drink water to be able to complement more humoral, enhance haemal circulation, stimulative metabolism, drink water to still be helpful for digesting more absorb and exclude waste material, reduce the harm of metabolization child and toxin to liver.

2, little drink early spring season, algidity relatively fill, a few drinking be helpful for litre of stimulate the menstrual flow, invigorate the circulation of blood, hair that changes silt and hepatic this world to enrage. But cannot be too fond of drink excessive, because the ability of hepatic metabolization alcohol is finite, much drink hurts liver surely!

3, dietary balance food is medium protein, carbohydrate, adipose, vitamin, mineral wait for the scale that should keep corresponding; Maintain impartiality of the five flavors at the same time; Eat hot food less as far as possible, eat fresh vegetable, fruit more; Do not eat and drink too much or be hungry is full not divide evenly.

4, pleasurable because liver happy event is scanty evil gloomy, reason is angry and huffish easy bring about be retarded by silt of hepatic gas blood not free and into disease. Should learn to make above all anger, endeavor to accomplish hopeful and calm, optimistic, make irascibility goes out, diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain lays hair, suitable shift normally.

5, right amount motion develops the outdoors activity that suits season in spring, if take a walk, go for a walk in the country in spring, play a ball game, hit shadowboxing to wait, can make human body enrages hematic unobstructed already, stimulative get rid of the stale and take in the fresh, improve the health, ke Yi affection raises liver, achieve goal of the health care that protect liver.

6, comfortable and comfortable garment carries dress, hair of hang down loosely, body is able to extend, gas blood does not cause deposit. Blood of diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain is smooth, the body is inevitable and able-bodied.

Feed liver of take a tonic to build up health to prevent cold food

Eggplant juice green slices of fish meat: Black carp filling liver bright eye, raise a stomach be good at lienal. Apply to long ill body empty, neurasthenic, chronic hepatitis, chronic nephritis.

Element stew hyacinth bean: Hyacinth bean is known as spring first selection be good at lienal with gastric element Bu Jia is tasted, apply to old person, pregnant woman, wet nurse especially, and hemal ill patient takes hypertensive, coronary heart disease, brain feed.

Soup of leek pork liver: Leek sex lukewarm laborious is sweet, spring eats most can help this world is angry, match pork liver with its but blood of liver of take a tonic to build up health. Apply to the liver disease, disease such as nyctalopia, constipation to suffer from.

Black rice congee: Black rice sex makes the same score flavour pleasant, contain 15 kinds of amino acid to reach a variety of vitamins, can beneficial liver fills lienal, raise gastric grow kidney, eat filling beautiful food for spring. This congee applies to caustic of liver kidney empty, the woman produces rear body theory.

Red jujube congee: Blood of red jujube filling gas, beneficial liver be good at lienal with the stomach, wen Buyang is angry. This congee applies to taste frail accept of be caused by is slow-witted the jalf congealed, inadequacy that enrage blood, plaque decreases, anaemic, chronic hepatitis, hidebound etc.

Sweet candy black tea: Black tea leaf 5 grams, put vacuum cup inside, develop bubble with boiling water, build stew moment; Move right amount honey, brown sugar. Daily and anteprandial each drink 1, can Wen Zhong raises a stomach. This tea applies to spring diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain slants flourishing, taste function not beautiful.

Tea of ginger of very light blue: Green Chinese onion 1, be bungled flat mincing put bowl inside, add boiled water 1 bowl, take boil of flourishing baked wheaten cake, increase black tea part of a historical period 1 big gather, transfer into ginger juice 1 spoon, strong strong tea takes the advantage of hot drink. Immediately lid is retired for the night, can add hot drive cold, chill of early spring of prevention and cure catchs a cold.