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Pick pair of fruits Eat a health

2012-02-07 12:18:42

SummerQiu Zhi is handed in is the time with the most substantial fruit, crystal pear, Hami melon, persimmon, grape, grapefruit… of full of beautiful things in eyes answer a Xian Guo not only colour and lustre is bright beautiful, and nutrition rich, flavour is delicious, your person eats appetite is greatly to leave, body and mind is free from worry. But also many people are had an insatiable desire for take gut bad more, eat a disease to come even, alleged ” cure also Qiu Guo, ill also Qiu Guo ” . To this, the first accessary hospital Professor Lin Lizhu reminds university of medicine of Guangzhou traditional Chinese medical science say, of the autumn should section fruit should eat a health, must according to his body state specific aim ground is chosen feed ability beneficial. And hold draft fruit ” opportunity ” very important also, slant because of flavour of major fruit sex cold cool, to weak of empty of taste of the old and weak, best choice is in two hours after breakfast, when gas of human body this world begins litre of hair, eat. Additional, the 1~2 that taking medical around commonly the fruit had better not eat inside the hour, lest produce medicaments and fruity part ” make strong ” affect medical effect.

Medicine is directive / Lin Lizhu of the first accessary hospital teachs college of medicine of Guangzhou traditional Chinese medical science

"Carry pair of fruits to eat a health

The fruit is being mixed eat easy have loose bowels

Plum a size loves the nurse draft fruit. Since the Beginning of Autumn afterwards, breed is various should section fruit in a steady stream appears on the market, a grown-ups and children should buy fruit of 29 kinds of in season to come back everyday foretaste is fast. From small the small grandchildren that likes to eat vegetable not quite, it is accept everything however to the fruit. Plum the aunt is very glad: Make small grandchildren much eat bit of fruit, do not eat vegetable to go along with him. Accordingly, she a little while pear a little while ground of orange, orange is given to grandchildren, let him have one pile everyday. She is thinking fresh fruit to have nutrition, have body of many somes of grandchildren the meeting is more marvellous. But these days, plum the aunt discovers not only small grandchildren more and more lose one’s appetite, the old partner is indescribable also ground have loose bowels, search to search to cannot find a reason, neighbour says, the likelihood is the fruit eats much! She is half believing and half doubting, look for a doctor to denounce a view in the hospital.

“Again good thing had taken to also can cause defect, especially for cold to taste empty person, have taste of too much sex too cold cool fruit is easy have loose bowels. ” the first accessary hospital Professor Lin Lizhu points out university of medicine of Guangzhou traditional Chinese medical science, fruit of edible of specific aim ground can be achieved raise a body colour action, but if do not know oneself constitution and fruity property, the body that gives oneself easily also leaves the snake in the grass of the disease. Accordingly, before people is having a fruit, ought to be opposite first fruity ” cold ” , ” hot ” attribute and oneself constitution has certain knowledge. Introduce according to Professor Lin, will tell from the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine’s angle, the fruit can be divided commonly for cold cool, tepid, pleasant makes the same score 3 kinds big —

Cold cool kind the fruit has: Mandarin orange, tangerine, banana, Xue Li, persimmon, watermelon, the person with constitutional cold empty wants careful feed or eat less.

Tepid kind the fruit has: Jujube, peach, apricot, longan, litchi, grape, cherry, pomegranate, pineapple, the person edible with hot and dry constitution wants right amount.

Pleasant makes the same score kind of fruit to have: Plum, plum, coconut, loquat, hawkthorn, apple, this kind of fruit is appropriate the person at all sorts of constitutions.

Professor Lin points out, although at present already was entered autumn, but southern ” a spell of hot weather after the Beginning of Autumn ” still very ” fierce ” , dry and hot phenomenon are very outstanding. In the ordinary person’s idea, much pear taking a place and flavour of sex of watermelon and so on are cold cool fruit but ” fall igneous disappear accumulates heat ” , this is relative to character only, still must read individual constitution and decide. She suggests, be in ” a spell of hot weather after the Beginning of Autumn ” the season of infestation, to average crowd, wait besides afore-mentioned pear and watermelon relatively ” cool ” outside the fruit, should take some of clear profit appropriately more the fruit of a few, wait like grape, apple, orange, loquat, hawkthorn.

Draft fruit also must hold ” opportunity “

Many people think to eat fruity ” opportunity ” it is very important also to hold, often argue after all to should be in anteprandial the fruit still eats after the meal. But Professor Lin thinks, sense of this kind of controversy is not great, no matter be anteprandial,still be meal hind, the amount that should take only is not large, do not have too big impact to the body.

Professor Lin is special however nevertheless remind, slant as a result of flavour of major fruit sex cold cool, to the old and weak or weak of always taste empty, if choose to two hours are in after breakfast, be like in the morning 10 when when gas of this world of later generations body begins litre of hair, eat, more be helpful for the body absorbing.

Additional, those who want an attention is, the around that take drug had better not eat a fruit. “The part with the enzymatic metabolization inside meeting interference human body is contained in some fruits, make medicaments metabolization enzymatic vigor drops, outside the absorption that divides influence medicaments, still can produce a few undesirable reaction probably. ” her explanation says, still contain in the fruit more mineral, if magnesium is calcic ion, ionic, can affect the absorption of medicaments, if the impact when medicaments of Kui Nuo ketone is bigger,taking more sensitive to mineral composition medicaments. In addition, a large number of organic acid are contained in doing not have squashy fruit, sensitive to acid medicaments is taken together with these fruits, may bring about medicaments complete or partial failure. Accordingly, the proposal takes medical around 1 ~ had better not eat a fruit 2 hours, lest produce medicaments and fruity part ” make strong ” affect medical effect.