Fabaceous seedling pheasant piece practice

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  • This dish with chicken piece deserve to be fried with fabaceous seedling make and become, colourful trenchant, delicacy is sweet slip tender. Pheasant weighs grouse again, jiang Huai takes the multiply of chicken of comfortable Yu Ye to grow. Its flesh is qualitative delicate, flavour is delicious excel a chicken, fat and not be bored with, for one of Shanzhen. Fabaceous seedling calls Andou of ” of “ pea seedling, “ seedling ” again, flavour bright color is green, greens of the Ling Jia that it is a winter. Fabaceous seedling deserves to close with pheasant fry, cheng Hui of set each other off of it may be said.

    Fabaceous seedling pheasant piece practice, fabaceous seedling pheasant piece how to do delicious

      [raw material]

    Advocate makings: Grouse chest flesh 250 grams.

    Burden: Pea seedling 50 grams, winter bamboo shoots piece 50 grams.

    Condiment: The egg is clear 1, carry on wine 5 grams, refined salt 4 grams, soy 25 grams, white sugar 8 grams, gourmet powder 1.5 grams, sweet vinegar 5 grams, water is amylaceous 60 grams, sesame-seed oil 15 grams, ripe lardy 50 grams, peanut oil 500 grams.

       Fabaceous seedling pheasant piece practice:

    1. Go to get rid of of film of muscle of grouse chest flesh, approve willow leaf form piece, the full in putting clear water next desertions blood-red, waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall, the cloth that use clean sucks exterior moisture content, put into the bowl, add starch of Qing Dynasty of refined salt, egg, water 10 grams size, add sesame-seed oil to blend again.

    2. The get angry that fry pan burns heat, dip enters peanut oil, burn to 4 when becoming heat, put grouse piece delimit oil comes when white, drop giving boiler is oily. Fry pan again suffer from excessive internal heat, dip burns heat into a few oil, put fabaceous seedling, bamboo shoot piece summary fan, the wine that add carry on, soy, white sugar, gourmet powder flavors, the starch that use water ticks off Gorgon euryale, enter grouse piece, boil enters sweet vinegar, drench sesame-seed oil, outfit turning over boiler dish become namely.

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    Pheasant piece approved bulk, thickness wants even, the oar wants to go up well.