Dried fries Qiu Kui’s practice

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  • Abelmosk is vegetable of health care of a kind of nutrition, filling empty of can strong kidney, prevent cancer to fight cancer, make skin beauty white delicate. The mouthfeel of abelmosk is very special, taste have sticky slippery feeling, flavour has a bit to resemble towel gourd, but want than towel gourd fragile. Put dot dried to fry, taste sweet appetizing. The appearance after abelmosk dissections resembles a blooming flower, special offend an eye, this vegetable is really nutrition and fine-looking coexist.

    Dried fries Qiu Kui's practice, dried fries Qiu Kui how to be done delicious

    Advocate makings: ? 15g of Kun?00g, dried.

    Complementary makings: ? Does handsome ⒀ ask dainty persimmon persimmon persimmon of  of handsome ⒓  handsome?

       Dried fries Qiu Kui’s practice:

    1. Division certain herbaceous plants with big flowers, dried, garlic has had.

    2. Abelmosk is abluent section, abluent bubble has sent dried, garlic chop Cheng Rong is stand-by.

    3. Boiler of the oily oil that burn heat explodes sweet garlic fine and soft and dried.

    4. Put Qiu Kui to continue to break up fry.

    5. Drench a few rinses, fry give sticky slippery juice to Qiu Kui, scatter salt and gallinaceous seed.

    6. Break up fry can go up equably dish.

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