The practice of muffin of carrot towel gourd

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  •  The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, sex of pleasant of towel gourd flavour is cool, cool blood of heat of disappear of heat having Qing Dynasty, detoxify, dispel the wind sth resembling a net of hairdressing of flesh of expectorant, embellish, stimulate the menstrual flow, connect arteries and veins of blood of defecate, travel, below galactic wait for effect, still can use at treating pyretic body to heat up anal fistula of wind of cough of irritated thirsty, asthma aue to excessive phlegm, bowel, uterine bleeding, morbid, blood to drench, cure sore carbuncle no less than swollen, woman is galactic waiting for disease, its sth resembling a net, seed, cane, flower, Xie Jun can be used as medicine. What do the effect of so specific towel gourd and action have?

    The practice of muffin of carrot towel gourd, how is muffin of carrot towel gourd done delicious

    Advocate makings: ? ⑺ of an ancient wine vessel made of horn of Jiao of  exemplarying vanadium fights? root, egg 1, flour 3 spoon.

    Complementary makings: ? Vent in the sides of a garment child fade persimmon pink of handsome ⒀ ?g, the five spices right amount, shallot 1, clear water essence of half cup, chicken 1 spoon.

       The practice of muffin of carrot towel gourd:

    1. Feed capable person: Towel gourd steamed bread, carrot, shallot, flour, egg, cook in the morning too too hurried, egg and flour forget took a picture.

    2. Towel gourd and carrot cut filament.

    3. The steamed bread is broken broken, shallot cuts chopped green onion.

    4. All in feeding material to put big bowl, mix, enter half cups of clear water.

    5. Join white of the five spices, salt, gallinaceous essence mixes divide evenly.

    6. Give water how to much lead according to vegetable, join flour.

    7. Mix the vegetable paste after divide evenly is become stiffer mushy.

    8. Right amount oil is entered in pan, put panada, the size of panada presses his be fond of.

    9. The boiler on the lid is built, in using small fire simmer in water.

    10. One side searchs an area after golden color, about 3 minutes, in turn over a face to come over decoct other one side.

    11. The pattern of stew decoct is familiar very fast, around is controlled about 5 minutes can give boiler edible.