Student of temptation of a teacher kisses the teacher’s temptation to give 500 yuan – flying Hua Jiankang net

  The teacher’s temptation: Student of temptation of a teacher kisses to give 500 yuan. Alluring incident of the teacher is very common, a few teachers use lubricious alluring student, reported recently, a teacher uses Hubei monetary temptation schoolgirl. The teacher’s temptationCause small gain to pay close attention to extensively, The teacher’s temptationIncident by exposure, the detail is as follows.

   Recently, hubei some college the teacher of a school because the teacher is not honorary, use monetary accost schoolgirl unexpectedly, still say the other side gives him a kiss can get 500 yuan, the behavior of this teacher is too dirty and shameless really! Come with money actually alluring student is kissed to oneself, the sexual fanaticism of this and animal is concerned.

   A day afternoon, the name is ” student of teacher lecturer accost ” the attention that small gain caused netizens. This small gain exposure, a teacher lecturer gives city of state of Hubei province chaste tree student hair ambiguous short message, requirement student goes to a dormitory looking for him, affirmatoryKissGive 500 yuan. Does an user say: ? Unplug formic Jia grabs barium of bright Γ  sulphur of ヒ of  of put down  is small! ?

   As we have learned, the teacher lecturer of this netizen exposure is surnamed the Tang Dynasty, the information of exposure shows this netizen is his student, this information shows, tang Ceng asks the student goes to a dormitory looking for him, affirmatoryKissGive 500 yuan. He earlies childhood to arrest a student, send them to come home, say even ” I think you ” and ” like you ” .

   Does the Tang Mou of exposure message also plaint: ? ? of Gui of Song of  of Kang of Quan  ” does student answer say: ? Coat?8 year old not far, the kongfu that blinks two years. ” does Tang Hui answer say: ? Unplug?8 year old when what can you do? is not to look at you to fall in the bosom of others. is not to look at you to fall in the bosom of others..

   Teacher lecturer entices a student to kissKissThey, give them 500 yuan. Response of Ministry of Education says, the Tang Dynasty the teacher of a foreign nationality that is this school, its behavior violated professional ethics of the teacher badly, damaged glorious image of the teacher badly, charge the school instantly discharge the Tang Dynasty, discharge its one’s status as a student. The neglect that leads pair of this matter in view of the school and cannot the responsibility of shirk, we undertook to them here admonitory, undertook deep self-criticism to courtyard department. The investigation according to incident and rectify and reform, will give correspondingPlacePunish.