How can function force just capture you? 8 motion are lighted explode function force – flying Hua Jiankang net

   The woman desertions caloric, the man is capturedFunction force! This is contemporaryMen and womenWeigh two wanted jobs most, capture howeverFunction forceFar more difficult than desertioning calorie is returned! Why? Can calculate because of calorie traumatic, function force is internal injury absolutely! It how run ability is good to how run ability, how to take exerciseFunction force, how to enhance function power, how can ability enhance function power? 8 kinds of motion can let a man have powerful function power already, still can remove fitness, reduce weight, the effect that reduces fat! Do not hesitate, move rapidly rise!
   1, push-up is the optimal way that enhances power of male friend function. Be worth us to carry out and master. In addition, exercise push-up is relatively simple also. What we need is us everyday perseverance. We can begin to accumulate from a decimal word, next slowly digital addition.

   2, dumbbell practices us doing a good push-up firstPose, next both hands is grasping dumbbell, push dumbbell to us in front, play the way of our stomach up next, reoccupy force, everyday about half hours, this motion also can increase sexual capacity of the man.

   3, ran. When the day rises in the morning, we drink abdomen of a cup of warm water first, put on kit to be in next in the morning ran. Arrived at 3 o’clock next 6 o’clock afternoon, we choose half hours to arrive one hour to come ran. This kind everyday the blood that insists to also can promote us circulates, increase sexual capacity of the male.

   4, sit-ups. We can do sit-ups to increase sexual capacity of the man on our bed, the pose that sit-ups asks we are done must more accurate, next the number that we make slowly from arrive less much, not careless, holding to everyday is necessary, holding to for a long time also can enhance power of man friend function.

   5, swimming is a motion that can enhance man property power. Swim the skill that can move scale of in the right way of our mankind place. Swim, also be a kind of motion having oxygen, it promotes the haemal circulation of our body, improve the muscle share of our body, promote the metabolism of our body, be helpful for improving the man’s performance.

   6, activity of dumbbell weight lifting. This motion is helpful for exercising man staying power, enhance man staying power, it is the good method that enhances man property power, we might as well try, general we can go gym does major to take exercise.

   7, crouch partly take exercise. We also can be being done at ordinary times crouch partly take exercise, be similar to propose pose, but unlike propose pose. We show a leg here 90 degrees (crural bottom and working section 90 degrees, next crural upside and body 90 degrees) , another foot is slight bend.

   8, handstand moves. Can rise with handstand motion connection, in order to exercise our waist, improve the performance of our man. The key of this movement is to maintain both hands to make the same score ground. That we cannot very standard. We can let our wife help us from flank, let her firmly ground hold our foot. We were used to later, do not need her to stall we. Be in inchoate, we are not done. We still need to help, or we can rely on a wall to finish.