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Male genital often is called ” of “ one’s very life, its are right it is thus clear that principal port of the man. Nevertheless, ” also is a place that gets hurt very easily over there “ , caress meticulously only with maintain, ability maintains Ding Ding’s health.

Male private parts maintains require 7 clever action only

Need after the climax soporous. After love loves, ding Ding needs enough sleep. The male is nightly when sleeping soundly, fourth Ding Huibo has 3—5 hour, nightly erect be not for love, charge to give Ding Ding “ however ” , increase hematic oxygen amount, make sure Ding Ding is healthy. The frequency erects when nightly Morpheus more, the organization since fourth Ding Bo is more agile.

Do not defy with good thing. With good thing violent bump bring about Ding Ding possibly to close the gender tears off disease (common calls “ Ding Ding fracture ” ) . If body of fourth fourth sponge is torn off completely, interior must be accepted inside 24 hours hemostatic wait for operation cure, in order to reduce permanent to what Ding Ding causes harm. Sponge body produces partial loss, normally meeting proper motion cicatrizations, but bring a few sequela possibly also, if man is fourth,different often bends, aching, impotent. Statistic makes clear, the impotent male that reachs 1/3 has “ fourth Ding Wai to hurt ” medical history. The expert reminds, when female on top bring about male man fourth fracture the most easily.

Be far from cigarette. Smoking (include secondhand smoke) can affect the hardness since fourth Ding Bo. A new research discovers, fourth man of the person that smoke erects to be less than the person that be not smoking apparently. Smoke besides scathing blood-vessel, still can bring about Ding Ding to organize injury, bring about Ding Ding flexibility to reduce then, erect the function suffers be restricted.

Often walk. With long sedentary male photograph is compared, walk everyday 2 miles (add up to 1.6 kilometers about) male happening erects the odds of the problem can reduce an in part. Canter 20 minutes to perhaps lift weights 30 minutes to also have same effect everyday.

Prevent off the rails. Consider to discover, off the rails male produces impotent odds bigger. One big reason is off the rails the compunctious feeling that cause becomesAngst, disturb cerebrum nerve for a long time, bring aboutMental sex is impotent. Another big reason is venereal panic. Off the rails hind him suspicion of a few men can be caught venereal, this kind of afraid meeting transforms gradually become a kindScared, serious when, can cause life of repellent husband and wife, happenImpotent.

OftenGape. Response of these two kinds of bodies since gape and fourth Ding Bo is to be oxidized by chemical material azotic control. This material is in in male cerebra after enlarge is diffuse, the nerve that can arrive at control to breathe already yuan, in the blood-vessel that also can come to offer blood to Ding Ding along notochord be issued to lower levels. If two kinds of functions are coinstantaneous, so when male gape, its Ding Ding also can vibrate. The male conciously much gape, conduce to the function since ameliorative fourth Ding Bo.

Dominate blood sugar. Exceed the male of 50%Sugar make waterIll patient existsErect functional obstacleProblem. Diabetic meeting brings double blow to Ding Ding. On one hand, diabetic accelerate arterial pathological change, injure fourth fourth blood-vessel, increaseImpotentDangerous. On the other hand, diabetic can injure nerve again, bring about systemic nerve to deliver estrogen speed to reduce, as time passes, fourth Ding Ye is met coma.