How become good child ” sexual adviser ” – 1-1 – flying Hua Jiankang net

Family is watching TV with pleasure, the child is beside, dead also deathtrap is staring at TV screen. At this moment, the setting with affectionate men and women appeared suddenly in TV, how do you do?

Many parents can feel very awkward, or changes a table instantly, or lets the child close an eye rapidly. As to why child cannot look, parent criterion often avoid talking.

Indeed, face the child, drag in of in every case arrives the problem of love of male and female or sexual respect, the parent always likes to hiding assist to wear, block cloak attack by surprise, shift a topic, do one’s utmost evasive. The parent is done so, not fathomless. Because the feudal thought of a few chiliad of Chinese is affected, be opposite especially sexual confine, make people lacks correct acknowledge to the gender, to issueing the sex of generation bewilderment also lacks correct dredge. Gentleman disappears, becoming the child to ask “ me is come from where when ” , mom answers “ me from the ” that come is collected by rubbish dump.

Not only the parent is such, the teacher of the school as much. For instance, when structure of reproduction of men and women of physiology teacher refer, total meeting says “ this one him everybody sees book ” . Although early expert appeal wants to undertake to the child the gender is taught as a child, but people still be ashamed Yu Qi ages. Chinese parent talks about a gender with the child rarely, more Huang was taught by correct sex.

Actually, appear when screen of movie and TV affectionate camera lens, have the optimal chance of sexual education to the child just about.

Research makes clear, sexual education won’t bring about the child to increase sexual behavior not only or shift to an earlier date sexual behavior, contrary, it can make the child correct understand a sex, treat a gender, protect oneself better thereby.

A lot of people had heard Panduola’s story: The divine Prometheus of wisdom gave him little brother dust shelter Mixiusi (Panduola’s husband) a big case, exhort again and again he is not opened certainly. But Panduola is the person with a very serious curiosity, the Prometheus does not let her open a box the more, she has the desire that opens a box the more: Does a case with average “ hide so secretly why? And build again so tight, there is very rare thing certainly inside. ” is taken the advantage of dust shelter during Mixiusi goes out, panduola opened a box stealthily, the thing of an expectation is played without Pan Duo inside the result, however countless disaster and insect pest.