The _ of little sister of adjacent of _ of psychology of sex of _ of last defense line that holds best opportunity to break through a sweetheart neighbor doctor net

More or less does everybody know to sexual psychology a few, also understanding is a men and women no matter when metropolis sexual is actuation, various elements bring about both sides easily to be not controlled, appear then stirring setting. Nevertheless a lot of people do not know, time often also is the inducement that causes both sides to be not controlled, so what hour makes sweetheart sex the most easily actuation? Look what to hour breaks through last defense line of the sweetheart the most easily to everybody next.

1, crepuscular

This is a hour that fills poetic flavour, fall glow evening is illuminated, tired bird homes, of country wave in the wind the colorfully decorated lantern of the bright in smoke from kitchen chimneys and city, respective and catchpenny different bridle travel mood. Lone (lone rich guest, lone say) the person is the scareddest this kind of moment, all work hard are appeased come down, all confusion are retired, those who remain have a dreariness only oneself, they cannot explain to what their make clear: Where to go to? Who to look for? Dry? The night life outside …… the more coquettish, appear in all her glory, they feel alone and desolate more. I have a fellow student of marital misfortune, circle of have sth in mind tells Ceng Gong me: “ day one black, I fear.

Ground of chilly chilly in a state of anxiety, cannot find ……” of a home to return to at that time, brain is heated up, do bit of exceed what is proper possibly.

2, midnight

Everything slept, all is quiet, only oneself soul is regaining consciousness on the world. Sleep, how to stop hard, often be “ still holds pillow ” in the arms without Mian, or “ weeps for the person dawn ” . Play, can get moment relaxed, alcohol is OK and anaesthetic limbs, however cannot anaesthetic heart. The day is black, between cosmic Hong Huang, have you only, sample alone by deep and remote convict, by the banish, distress that also does not have future without bosom friend. Zheng Banqiao “ is god-given and muddleheaded the maxim of ” again confirm “ the flavor of ” of all alone, body and shadow comforting each other-extremely lonely. At that time, 10 thousand cannot confused not choose road.

3, before the section

Playboy Xu annals rub very be good at and pretty woman contact with. He lies with Liu Xiaoman when illicit close condition, comfort with respect to Ceng Zhixin, carelessness is a lover (lover rich guest, the lover says) between what spend the hardest is traditional festival, at that time, must depart, must conceal oneself identity and feeling in black shadow. Be just as Chaikefusiji ” Bei sorrowful symphony ” , the phrase in front is more luxuriant, the feeling behind jumps over Bei cool. Resemble Zhu Ziqing again in the essay plaint: “ is lively be them, my whats are done not have. ” this kind of moment, have an accident easily!

4, drunken

Why does special understanding the ancients pay attention to “ careful alone ” , that is to say, gentleman and force Lilliputian are the drive of flesh and blood likewise, when outside ambient comfortable — especially when moral environment is ambiguous, the mankind’s inherent biology characteristic begins ready to do sth, break through a variety of humanitarian ties possibly even, become irremediable. Often say: Face of “ liquor a favourite by sb in power, gold changes popular feeling. ” wine is the culprit of ” of sex of heart of “ make things difficult for others, because divine wisdom anaesthesia, behavior is ultra, plus sadness 100 turn, the “ that who is lacking in initiative and overcautious from beginning to end after unwarrantable also wine is aristocratic ” . Actually, not disappear before afore-mentioned alleged “ dusk, midnight, section, drunken ” , want to look for creditable excuse only, any period of time are likely be swayed by one’s emotions. Just must be in charge of to oneself, on these vital link, intention of in a way is good.

Understood the knowledge of more sexual psychology respects, can make each friend is known in the life undertake love in what hour and sweetheart best, to husband and wife the feeling between can have first-rate effect.