Such sexual behavior is every man wants little sister of had adjacent of _ of _ sexual behavior net of _ neighbor doctor

In the traditional idea of people, Sexual loveIn the male should rise actively, but sexual love is the motion that both sides of a need cooperates, if be in life of husband and wife the man is only driving, time grew hard to avoid to be able to feel tired, actually the female wants slam the door in two sexes those traditional ideas, should active and active rise, only such ability make both sides collective enjoy sexual love, what little skill can be drawn lessons from for female friends so?

1. Body language teases him.

When chatting with him, the woman bites next lips or double eye looks at him since narrow one’s eyes of ground of exuding tenderness and love through eyes, it is the sexual suggestion that provides temptation extremely. Additional, woman hand ministry is touched gently casually, also be the allusive start that the male loves.

  2. Extend kiss time.

Photograph of lip of kiss far from is touched so simple, next his lips perhaps use woman nibble the tongue licks its mouth, can transmit the signal of ” of more of “ my need to him, more can his desire since hold up.

   3. sits to his ham

Need not when he is given out invite, when TV watchs together on sofa, sit actively to his ham, and twist is coxal, can wake up his desire quickly.

  4. Caress his ham inside

Is ham inside one large sensitive area of the man, caress him here, pay close attention to his reaction, let him give you a few hint, teach you how to continue next.

5. Sexy underwear

The response with exciting to the vision male is very sensitive. Gauze underwear is appeared and do not show, person of hold up of sex appeal of bud silk bra, come loose woman 10 thousand kinds of amorous feelings, let a woman send out sexy glamour, the striptease woman ” that “ does him can satisfy the man’s inherent vision to spur demand undoubtedly.

6. Swim together

Swim together with him, can let his “ true ” see you. Play in water of male and female and contact of the skin in water, can let bilateral generation be experienced what expect is less than adorably

In the life if the female can accomplish these, believe to be able to wake up male fighting capacity quickly, also can increase bilateral sexual experience effectively, if possible word, the female mights as well in the life try.