Female the first time when sexual love main ” on the bed ” net of doctor of neighbor of _ of little sister of adjacent of _ of sexual behavior of matters concerned _

  Sexual loveIt is a good thing, everybody likes to do, had had to everySexual lifethe person the can seasonable sexual physiology requirement that satisfies oneself is sexual blessing. Also need sexual love satisfies the woman, what when going up, the bed still needs to pay attention to a few matters concerned is in for the first time for the woman that has tried sexual flavor to still be being done not have, because this is crucial to perfect first time, the quality to sexual love also has very big effect.

Neighbor doctor net / sexual culture

Oral cavity cleanness is very important

We are met commonly before sex complete clean body, but the cleanness that can ignore antrum of speak or sing alternately, alimental is residual in occurrence peculiar smell of the meeting in oral cavity, if be in process love love, when the other side kisses you, smelled peculiar smell, be special feel disappointed? Even if before you how try hard left good impression to the other side, this are enough the good appearance before letting you is destroyed thoroughly. You did not apply even if tooth of tooth brush cleanness, the saliva that use gargle also can avoid the generation of oral cavity peculiar smell.

The dirt of fingernail of clean hands or feet

Most propbably likes without where individual and the dingy sexual spouse in La makes love, when first time makes love, girls should pay attention to the circumstance of these little detail especially, e.g. the clip of fingernail of hands or feet, with fingernail inside the cleanness of dirt, this metropolis disturbs your good appearance, if the man sees there is dirt in your fingernail when love loves, can he have much awkwardness?

Preserve the taste of close double as good as of private parts

It is so good that the ventilated sex of private parts is done not have, plus the secretion of private parts, special and easy occurrence peculiar smell feels, before sexual intercourse, the girl should fill minute of clean private parts, the proposal uses professional private parts cleaner, let private parts be in complete cleanness while still can get caressing. Need to suggest everybody’s is here, the cleanness of private parts is best only the basin is special, do not wash private parts with the basin that washs a sock, bring about the occurrence of inflammation of department of gynaecology very easily.

Sound making a bed cannot little

The sound making a bed in sex is the man’s best agent that aid a gender, if feminine silent does not make a sound make love, the man also can feel very bored, can suspect oneself function force even. When the wife makes love, should want to make a bed, the affirmation of the feedback of a kind of sex that this also is pair of men and sexual ability, the man also is met so and more bold and powerful.

The ten million when making a bed cannot enough too feigned, this does not rise to help sexual action not just, return the allergy that can cause a man, the carved figure that the man can think he is you is average, want to coordinate your show.

Prepare condom ahead of schedule

Although prepare condom,this thing is the man will do commonly, the woman avoids the risk that is pregnant accidentally to protect her, still want to prepare condom ahead of schedule, protect the harm that oneself avoid to be pregnant accidentally on one hand. Still can avoid man bring into contact with on the other hand the transmission of sexual disease and infection, it is a kind of protection to both sides.

  Avoid by all means blames a man

Male people because the reason of body condition, the condition that does not cite appears in loving very possibly, as sexual spouse, should want right now for a short while comfort the other side, is not the sexual incapacity that blames opposite party, man most the sexual longing that is afraid that oneself cannot satisfy a woman quite, they are in when be not being lifted, also be painful all the more in the heart, this moment woman comforts the other side, can promote your affective to lengthen instead, blindly the allergy that complains wisdom causes a man, think your bed tastes interest of blame constant error even.

Feminine sexual love can retain lifetime, the happiness of first time is only germinant, the good ability that holds this first time makes we have a good memory to sexual love, conduce to perfect the following sexual life.