Her result: Put to the breast have a holiday

Her result: Put to the breast have a holiday

.hzh {display: none; }French female goes after natural beauty, they abandon health to go after the United States rarely, contrary, in their eye, healthy, nature is the most beautiful. A lot of woman magazines of France also are advocated ” healthy and living, grace often goes ” concept. To the breast, frenchwoman is pursuit more comfortable with nature.

On the weekend afternoon, in French street, often can see the cotton coat with comfortable dress, the feminine edge that does not wear underwear drinks coffee edge to leaf through a magazine. A doctor that works in division of Parisian mammary gland tells a reporter, to the female, bust bodice is indispensable, the growth with can help a breast better and do not suffer harm. But have investigation discovery, most female is wearing improper bust bodice everyday on the world. Hook of cup of fabrics, cover, aglet, steel wire, back, adjust annulus, adornment to spend… should have a bit only improper, can let a person feel uncomfortable. “Although bust bodice can make a breast more beautiful, but if be worn for a long time, affect health possibly. Affect health possibly..

Her result: Put to the breast have a holiday

This doctor says, euramerican country is clinicalResearchDiscovery, wear bust bodice to be in 10 hours everyday the female of above, the odds that contracts mammary gland disease can increase greatly. For this, french appeal ” have a holiday to the breast ” , proposal female is not right oneself breast is too slashing, need not importune it forceful, strong and handsome, sex appeal, as long as ” arrange its nature ” can.

Organization of a few females gave out technically still ” have a holiday to the breast ” 3 big reason, namely comfortable, reduce sicken risk, reveal female beauty naturally.


Orgnaization of female health care also appeal, the female should take off bust bodice when sleep, let a breast maintain haemal unobstructed. When suggesting to lie fallow on the weekend at the same time, as long as comfortable, need not wear bust bodice, have a holiday one day to the breast. This one appeal, got the extensive welcome of French female.

In French fashion group, arisen also the tide that does not wear bust bodice, many star think, if the line of underwear is affected appearance or faint look get underwear, grade can sell at a discount greatly. So, “Be inferior to showing natural beauty of the breast, this it doesn’t matter is shy. ” if be in formal circumstance, they can stick breast on the breast. This is a kind of when make with silica gel object that stick shape, enclothe in breast dizzy all round, cozy nature is not broken again decorous.

(the exercitation edits: Guo Yuping)