Spring day preserve one’s health is held knead finger and alvine

A day during depend on morning, a year during in Yu Chun, arrived again in an instant the spring that everythings on earth anabiosises. Spring climate turns gradually warm, it is the best season in a year.

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However, also be ” 100 grass are gemmiparous, 100 disease break out ” seasonal, because this should notice sanitarian preserve one’s health. After spring equinox passes, preserve one’s health should enrage hematic yin and yang to be given priority to evenly with adjusting, there are two places in our body, it is the key of spring preserve one’s health, it is finger is mixed respectively alvine.

Arrived spring, when doing not have a thing, often can hold rub one helper finger, because of the two side in finger, distributinging move the well acupuncture point of human body main and collateral channels, every hand has 6 wells acupuncture point each, well acupuncture point is the end points of main and collateral channels commonly.

If say the main and collateral channels of human body is the river of a flow, so the well that well acupuncture point begins like current, see the value of well acupuncture point. Hold so rub finger can dredge main and collateral channels, adjust yin and yang.

Alvine the center that is human body, to balancing human body so gas blood is having crucial effect. Modern is put in the state of abdominal and adipose corner for the most part, and alvine get fat can arise a series of inferior healthy symptom, control is alvine and so adipose it is for not just beautiful, still have healthy consideration, introduce alvine preserve one’s health next 3 subtle move.

Knead an abdomen at least 36 rounds everyday

Alvine it is the place that algidity loves to gather most, knead an abdomen so very crucial, often be massaged with the fatigue palace acupuncture point of control alvine toCalorific, can raise yuan of filling spirit, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood earths up this world, form a habit so, everyday early in knead late each alvine, first anticlockwise, hour hand is arranged after, lowest rises with 36, or the multiple of 36, kneaded strength wants moderate.

Pat an abdomen to discharge poison once a week


In navel both sides adipose the most rich and generous place, perhaps press go up have adipose the place that agglomerate, use both hands palm to flap forcibly a bit continuously ten minutes, most person can be patted red, violet, green, black the spot of acute diseases such as cholera and sunstroke that waits for different color includes a feature, this is immanent the Yu sluggish of poison of cold wet fire, a cup of Wen Shui is drunk immediately after be being patted, discharge poison quickly, flap every week, the spot of acute diseases such as cholera and sunstroke that after flapping a few times continuously, meeting discovery appears drop off, arrive to basically won’t go out again finally, be to have effect so.

Knock day center twice everyday

Day center acupuncture point can connect alvine path, platoon to lodge for the night, a lot of people are knocked should run toilet. Alvine path is connected, natural and adipose won’t pile up, so so good point must be knocked more, this point is in navel both sides, the position of 3 finger opens by, everyday at least two time paragraph go beating, 5 arrive ten minutes, beat to alvine and calorific till, gastric gas is filled, large intestine is connected, natural and adipose can smooth metabolization.