Alleviate woman the turn of life is undesirable the food of the mood

Some females often the mood is changeful, often move greatly for a few bagatelleIrascibility, always feel to enrage not suitable. Arrived the female of the turn of life, grumpy symptom is more apparent.

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Think commonly, inside this and body of female of the turn of lifeEstrogen, the scale of progestational hormone is maladjusted reach be short of iron, calcium to wait about. So, these ” gas not suitable ” female of the turn of life had better notice to eat more the following 4 kinds of food.

It is rich chalybeate food

Some females do not love to eat the flesh and fresh vegetable, love eats candied, cake, habit of this kind of partial eclipse causes iron to absorb inadequacy, bring about female mood impatient and irritable. So, proposal female answers right amount edible the food of a few animal sex protein that contain rich iron to pledge, if lean beef, pork, hotpot, chicken, duck, fish and seafood are waited a moment. Can turn round undesirable mood on one hand, conduce to cerebrum raising attention on the other hand, hold energetic position.

2 it is the food that contains a lot ofcalcium to pledge

Calcium has the effect that restrains cranial nerve excitement, meet when there is enough calcium in cerebrum the mood is uneasy, Easy and excited. Absorb the food that contains a lot ofcalcium to pledge, make favor mood keeps easily stable, calcium is qualitative at the same time but solid tooth and skeleton, precautionOsteoporosisDisease. Calcium feeds owner to if all sorts of soup of milk, bone, legume reach bean products,want source character.

Of special attention is, different yellow ketone is contained in soja, it is the material of a kind of similar estrogen, outside dividing filling calcium, return the inadequacy that can make up for female estrogen. Proposal female drinks 500 milliliter soya-bean milk or edible everyday the bean products of 100 grams above, have good adjustment to internal system action.

3 it is the food that contains a lot ofa vitamin

Research discovers the vitamin absorbs inadequacy, especiallyVitamin B6, Vitamin B12Lack, appear easily excited uneasiness, Have a headache, lienalGas is urgentImpetuous, Yi Ji is movedexpression. Be in appropriately prandial in the spirit that the vitamin of compensatory and certain amount conduces to a female adjusts, can choose the cereal such as whole wheat bread, porridge, hoecake, orange, apple, strawberry, spinach, lettuce, orchid, Chinese cabbage reachs the fruit vegetables such as tomato to contain a large number of vitamins on the west.

4 it is food of scanty liver regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it

From the point of angle of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, should adjust the undesirable mood of female classics early days and the turn of life, much from scanty liver be good at proceed with of lienal regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it. Can scanty liver be good at the food of lienal regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it has: Lotus lotus root, can aerate, still can be good at lienal with the stomach, raise a heart to calm the nerves, yi Shushun enrages beautiful to taste,

Bai Luobo, long Yu Shun enrages be good at stomach, clear hot need is phlegmy, with green turnip curative effect optimal, red skin white heart person take second place, be like the female with cold stomach, can add the soup of the turnip that stew such as chop, beef to eat; hawkthorn, be good at arranging gas invigorate the circulation of blood, change feed disappear accumulating, still can reduce weight disappear fat, no matter eat raw, ripe eat, bubble water, all sorts of edible ways are all efficient, but edible wants right amount, Hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is overmuchfemale careful with;

  RoseBeautiful, have scanty liver regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, Ning Xinan’s magical effect, a few roses are put when making tea not only have suitable qigong effect, still very find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, rose of OK and alone bubble drinks the female that does not have the habit that drink tea, perhaps insert the rose with tangy aroma in the vase of the bedroom, breath takes a flower sweet also can arrange; of the god that enrage peace


Fennel, fructification is done officinal, name small fennel, edible of tender Xie Ke, child with the leaf Dou Youshun enrages action, do dish stuffing or fried dish edible with the leaf, can have suitable energy of life the orange of curative effect; with be good at acetanilide stomach, not only smell is sweet, still have the meritorious service that enrages wide bosom all right, outside dividing pulp, tangerine pith also has fair officinal value, drink of tangerine pith bubble can know wind sluggish of disappear of expectorant, regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it.

(The exercitation edits: Zhu Yanmei)