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Article introduction

Male joyous female love is physiology normal of the person, because feeling is very good,the husband and wife after marriage is met and the choice undertakes husband and wife lives, but when doing husband and wife to live, because some meetings are excessive excited, go catching flinch the other side perhaps holds the bosom that kneads a female, but everybody should note this time, as the male must tender, cannot exert oneself to do sth. quite, because be met very likely,the influence circulates to mammary blood.

When making love, can exert all his strength hold bosom

Allan analysis says, catch forcibly hold female bosom, can make the woman feels unwell not only, still can weaken degree of its sex excitement.

And longer oppressive, the blood that affects a breast possibly still circulates. It is especially before female menstruation, when conceiving pregnancy, lactation, because mammary blood is supplied,increase, itself has bilge keenly feel, if exert oneself to do sth. ,squash, cause its interior the most easily to injure.

Remind those males that are immersed in passion, did not forget to protect female breast in sexual process. Doohickey: Eliminate the breast is unwell 11 action

The breast is a female is indicative, the female’s pride. Become more beautiful and plump to let it, people nots hesitate bundle of bosom, grand bosom. But the breast appeared accordingly however all sorts of diseases: Mastitis, proliferous, nodal even breast cancer. Healthy: Feminine him love loves the breast is caressed

When making love, can exert all his strength hold bosom

Expert proposal, maintain mammary health to have the following recipe:

Recipe one: Happy mood

The humor is good, ovarian maintain normal oviposit, it is normal that progestational hormone is secreted, mammary gland won’t appear because of be stimulated by the one-sided of estrogen proliferous, proliferous already mammary gland also can recover from an illness gradually below the action in progestational hormone.

Recipe 2: Healthy diet

Abide by ” low fat tall fine ” dietary principle, eat whole wheat food, legume and vegetable more, control animal albumen to absorb, notice compensatory and proper microelement at the same time.

Recipe 3: Important gravid lactation

Gravid your progestational hormone is secreted enough, mammary gland of can effective protection, rehabilitate, and lactation can make mammary gland fills minute of development, good after ablactation degrade, not easy and proliferous. The bosom that pregnancy permits mother maintains

Recipe 4: Regular examination, proper motion

Make self check every months to the breast, make mammary gland inspection to professional orgnaization regularly, bathe every time do proper breast to massage, everyday enlarge bosom of 5 minutes moves.

When making love, can exert all his strength hold bosom

Recipe 5: Harmonious sexual life

Harmonious sexual life can adjust endocrine, exciting progestational hormone is secreted, increase the protective strength to mammary gland and repair strength, orgasm stimulation still can quicken haemal circulation, because gas blood moves,prevent a breast not free and occurrence hyperplasia. Frigidity causes a breast easily disease