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Article introduction

1, make love should use pair of positions

If you know which kinds of posture makes she achieves orgasm the most easily, if you do not know,enter that posture; when preparation achieves orgasm, try a few kinds more, generally speaking, major female reachs a climax more easily when female on top. Because be below this kind of pose, the waist that the male also can cooperate rhythm him motion, hold out a waist especially, strongly oppressive clitoris, make each other happy. This posture returns benefit to caress the female’s breast at the male, because the breast will be flagging, can use both hands handholding rub to knead, or the left and right sides shakes, result is right. Can let the male caress clitoris place of the female more, let a female get the double pleasure outside the body inside body, intense double stimulation makes her climax faster come.